Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Burdock 6

The sixth issue of Burdock, the Milwaukee journal edited by Keith Gaustad, has been out for a month or two, and I am just now getting around to noting it. It’s the all-women’s issue, assisted by Dolly Lemke and Jon Lohr, is packed full of good poems, and is worth acquiring. Email Keith at burdockmagazine@gmail.com and he’ll work something out.

Here is the list of contributors: Susan Firer, Izzy Oneiric, Peggy Munson, Catherine Averill, Joann Chang, Julie Strand, Stevie Curl, Emily Rutter, Jessi Harrison, Becca Klaver, Jennifer Kraft, Meghan M. Lee, Y Madrone, Meg Reilly, Abigail Stokes, Dolly Lemke, Zenobia Frost, Janelle Crawford, Mary DeMars — that’s a lot of women!

You can read their complete bio notes online at www.teppichfresser.blogspot.com, and get further information about Burdock and its associated Teppichfresser Press there as well.

Yes, that’s right, Milwaukee....

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