Friday, November 20, 2009

Begnal video on new Salmon Poetry site

To the left is the author photo of me used on the revamped and updated Salmon Poetry website. The page for Ancestor Worship also includes two videos: one of a reading of the poem “Ancestor Worship,” the other of the poem “My Role in Society.” Just click the previous link, and when you’re on the page you will see the links for the videos, which, when clicked, then pop out and play. These, I believe, are currently the only videos of me reading poetry available online. The page is also updated with the latest reviews of the book and such features as a pop-out, full-size view of the cover. Not to mention, um, a very convenient way to place your order.

The whole Salmon site, by the way, designed by Siobhán Hutson, looks great as well.

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Anonymous said...

Mike , as one perpetually immersed in the oil of night ( a great line ) , I enjoyed the video of your reading uploaded on Salmon. A great site ! Liam MacSheoinin