Thursday, December 09, 2010

Wasted Talent

From 1981-early 1984 I was in a hardcore punk band called Wasted Talent. Without going into the whole history here, we released a tape, a sort of cassette album, called Self Rule, in 1982. In 1983, three of the songs from that recording were included on the compilation album The Master Tape Vol. 2, released by Affirmation Records, a Midwestern label, in 1983.

Wasted Talent is mentioned a couple times in the American Hardcore book by Steven Blush, our symbol/logo (which I designed in my bedroom as a 16-year-old kid) is included in the flyleaf of the book, a flier drawn by my brother for a WT show is reproduced there, and the band is also represented in the American Hardcore film.

Writer of both American Hardcore projects, Steven Blush, has also put up a web page called 24 Hours of Hardcore, which includes streaming MP3s of a ton of hardcore bands (911 songs!), including Wasted Talent. Titles are listed alphabetically (though one can sort by title, band name, year, or album title). Scroll down to the song “Off to War,” and click the link to play. Tracks can also be downloaded.

A blog site called Noise Addiction has a brief history of the band and links to rare Wasted Talent recordings.

[Incidentally, American Hardcore incorrectly lists the band as being from Harrisburg, PA. In fact, WT was from State College, PA.]


bat29 said...

Oblivion live in '85:

Mike Begnal said...

I had no idea this existed. Thanks.

bat29 said...

I just scanned and posted an issue of Counter Attack zine with Wasted Talent interview from 1983.

der leone said...

hi! i've found a copy of the "self rule" demo (GREAT!), but i'm not sure it's an original or just a dub... is the cover 1-sided? should there be lyrics/infos? thanks,

Mike Begnal said...

Leo, The cover was one-sided (photocopied on card stock) cassette insert. There was an accompanying lyric sheet (folded photocopied 8.5"x11" insert w/lyrics & other info) -- this could easily have been lost. The cassette itself was clear, with glued-on paper label. Hope this helps, and thanks for your interest!

der leone said...

hey thanks a lot! mmh, seems i have an old dub then... oh well. still sounds great! :)