Friday, July 02, 2021

Wasted Talent - 3 Songs from The Master Tape Vol. 2 LP (1983)

Wasted Talent was a hardcore/punk band I co-founded in 1981.  These songs were recorded on Sept. 15, 1982, at Red Dog Studios (Filmspace), State College, Pennsylvania, as part of our demo tape (cassette album) titled Self Rule (released late 1982).  In spring or summer of 1983, we remixed these three songs for The Master Tape Vol. 2 compilation (Affirmation Records, 1983).  When we were asked to be on that compilation by Paul Mahern of the Zero Boys and Affirmation Records, we decided to go back to the studio and remix the three songs because we had felt that the guitar on the demo tape was too low in the mix (and we had mastered it with the Dolby on!).  These are the remixed versions, which only appeared on that vinyl album, and what you hear in this video file is a vinyl rip.  The studio tape of the remix has since disappeared, and so these versions only exist on the vinyl compilation album and the digital transfer.

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