Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pense Aqui No. 318

I have two excerpts of new work in Pense Aqui No. 318, a mail-art and experimental poetry magazine published from Brazil. This issue includes collage/mail-art work from Brazil, Serbia, France, Finland, Catalonia, Latvia, and the U.S., with poetry by David Stone and myself.

The editor, José Roberto Sechi, has posted photos of previous issues here.

Copies of the new issue may be obtained from:

José Roberto Sechi
Av. M29, N.
° 2183
Jd. São João
Rio Claro SP 13505-410

In this issue, Sechi also announces the
“Sechiisland’s International Library,” an alternative library specializing in contemporary art, mail art, Fluxus, visual poetry, and experimental literature, and asks for donations of books, magazines, catalogues, videos, CDs, etc. to be sent to the above address.

(The above photo is of the covers of two earlier Pense Aqui issues, Nos. 136 and 134.)

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