Thursday, March 18, 2010

Poem in GRASP #3

I am happy to have a poem in the new issue (#3, Spring) of GRASP, which is an English-language literary and arts magazine published in Prague. If you live in that city, you can find it in the book shops. But for those who don’t, you can easily download the .pdf of the whole issue by going here (it’s your choice of the large or small file). A couple quick clicks, and there you have it....

The poetry section of this magazine is really very good, I have to say. Other contributors include Alan Jude Moore, Carrie Etter, Louis Armand, Heather Fowler, Sheila E. Murphy, and more, along with prose fiction, essays, photography, film reviews, etc. Very much worth the look. Further information can be found at the GRASP website.

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Ulster Yank said...

Maith thú a Mhícheáil, File Idirnáisiúnta!