Thursday, July 26, 2012

Review of Kate Behrens

My review of Kate Behrens’s collection The Beholder (Two Rivers Press, 2012) appears on the Eyewear site (link to review here). Behrens is a British poet who I had not heard of before.  Maybe the name sounded familiar, but that is it (and I think I am imagining even that).  I was happy to read something so good when I wasn’t really expecting to.  In the review, I kind of react to the description of the book given in some of its back cover material, versus how the book actually read to me.  I guess I could have ended up writing more about cover blurbs in general, or done some analysis of them, but that is perhaps an essay for another time.


Unknown said...

I have looked at the complet review. I am surprise you have no comment, your crit read fairly good and is quite interresting.
I won't say you are right or wrong but I feel the poem you have chosen is interresting, from a late twenty-ish girl I guess with quite some need to pretend not being too sentimental and filled with obscur images to make the "melancholic romantism" less obvious.
Still I found it quite clear and amusing even with all the references she is using, nicely written and with a charming path to follow.
Thank you. Camille.

Mike Begnal said...

Thanks for your comments -- I appreciate it.