Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

James Connolly wrote, “An Irish Republic, the only purely political change in Ireland worth crossing the street for, will never be realised except by a revolutionary party that proceeds upon the premise that the capitalist and the landlord classes in town and country in Ireland are criminal accomplices with the British government, in the enslavement and subjection of the nation. Such a revolutionary party must be socialist, and from socialism alone can the salvation of Ireland come” (The Harp, March 1909)
The exact meaning of “socialism” I think in this time period is contested and up for debate, after the history of the 20th century, and I cant subscribe to any such overarching theory, but his basic premise remains correct.  I am not sure what exactly the solution is, but Connolly is at least a good starting point for thought.  The British govt. may not even be the worst problem right now (though they certainly contribute to it).  The problem is both global and local; Connolly’s words are relevant everywhere.

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Anonymous said...

Ireland is a memory. It is like a vision of the soul I once believed in. It died with the EU. Shamefully , I made thousands of dollars on the Euro. It is Menarche's new curse. Peace and love , Brother poet , Liam M.