Thursday, May 02, 2013

James Liddy, On Irish Literature and Identities

A new volume of James Liddy’s essays, edited by Eamonn Wall, titled On Irish Literature and Identities (Arlen House / dist. Syracuse University Press), includes an interview I did with Liddy.  This interview was originally published in The Burning Bush number 8, Autumn 2002, and I am very pleased to see it finally reappear.  The whole book is great, in fact, and includes essays such as “Nationalist and Worker in the Poetry of Thomas Kinsella and Thomas McCarthy,” “Ulster Poets and the Catholic Muse,” and “How We Stood Our Rounds: Bohemian Dublin in the Sixties.”  The back cover sums it up nicely: “This is a book of literary-academic-and-bohemian witness written in an engaging, brilliant, and unique voice.”

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