Thursday, May 28, 2015

Che Elias, Of Tire & Anonymity

West Virginia poet (long resident of Pittsburgh) Che Elias’s new poetry collection is out, and it is an arresting offering. Titled Of Tire & Anonymity and published by Six Gallery Press, it is his first in a number of years. Anyone who has read Elias’s work is aware that it is idiosyncratic and visionary and unlike anything anyone else has ever done. The fact that I know him personally and laid out this text and cover should, I hope, only make you want to check it out even more.

Here is John Menesini’s blurb for the book:
“Scars become wings, so shrug—Che Elias changed my life—Wheeling’s Son burns the brightest—holy ghosts Reed & Cleary—whose communion burst—phantasmagoria of coming hosts—ejaculate conception—drink the blood of Wheeling—who showed me the darkness and then a golden, minor place—Che Elias changed my life.”

Of Tire & Anonymity can be ordered here:

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