Saturday, July 02, 2016

Oblivion, February 1986, Philadelphia

A long time ago, I was a rock’n’roller, a punk, and a drummer, and one of the bands I was in was called Oblivion (which I’ve written about here, post includes video of the band).  Oblivion’s guitarist Steve Lukshides has recently posted another video, a set from February 19, 1986, at the Kennel Club in Philadelphia.

I am 19 in this video.  I actually remember a lot of this night, which as Steve explains included numerous delays, before we finally went on around 1:00 a.m.  Looking back, we were a really good band that should have had wider success.  I think we were too intent on perfection before releasing any material, when in retrospect we should have just put something out, a single or EP perhaps (we did record four songs in the studio), and see where it led.  At least, it would’ve been out there.  As it is, this video gives some idea of our sound and attitude as a live performing group in the year 1986, as the hardcore scene was winding down and bands, ourselves included, were trying to expand the limits of heavy/punk music.

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