Saturday, October 10, 2020

New Chapbook: Tropospheric Clouds

My new chapbook, Tropospheric Clouds is now out from Adjunct Press, of Milwaukee (who have done a wonderful job of it).

Info: Tropospheric Clouds gives fragmented images that seem to be dispatched from a larger and elaborate narrative world. The poet is a multiplied character separated from the world. Rather than being presented in the Romantic cringe mysticism, here the separation of the poet is seen as a cloistering or perhaps a sense of imprisonment by vocation. The poet-as-seer image is cut again when the legitimacy-creating obscurity is saved only by publication. Tropospheric Clouds uses the unseen narrative to show the idea of the poet vocation within the reality of profession.

This book is hand-bound with a pamphlet stitch using a light-rose waxed Irish linen thread. The text pages are laser printed on 24-lb. recycled paper. The cover is printed by robot arm using a pink Gelly Roll pen on a 90-lb. smooth spruce card stock. This book was made in Milwaukee in an edition of 50.

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