Thursday, April 20, 2006

Mercury, the Dime

Mercury, the Dime, which was officially published November 2005, but really only out since January 2006, got a review last week by CB Smith on the Barfing Frog website. It's a very good review I have to say, idiosyncratic (in a positive sense). He does nail the aspect of lyric youthfulness quite well, and I especially liked the lines, “Onward plods the march of change, turning soil upon soil, stamping in and leaving behind that which is no longer germane. Different is not always better, but better is always different. A handy axiom that breaks things down to component level thought.” To read the whole piece you have to go to their main page (click on the above link), then click on Book Reviews, then New Reviews, then the Mercury the Dime link.

Mercury, the Dime is a chapbook sized book (4.75" x 6"), perfect bound, 46 pp., one long poem, written 1992-93, cover by Kim Decker (a very good graphic designer), published by Six Gallery Press (Pittsburgh), ISBN 0-9746033-7-6. More information can be found by navigating the Six Gallery site (the previous link), or it can be ordered directly from Amazon. (Apologies for the self-promotion.)

Incidentally, I am not necessarily much of blogger; so perhaps the “blog” is the next best thing to having a website.

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