Thursday, April 27, 2006

Book reviews, and other news

Another review of Mercury, the Dime came out recently, and it is also a positive one, perhaps more descriptive than opinionated (a good description at that, if you want to get an idea of what the poem is like). It’s on the New Hope International website and can be found here (scroll down to the second review on the page).

When you’re on that page, you’ll notice that the top half of it comprises a review of my first collection, The Lakes of Coma, which is still available from Six Gallery Press, or probably more quickly from Amazon. Another quite good (I think) review of this book can be found on the Shearsman site, while a somewhat more lukewarm appraisal appears here from The Absinthe Literary Review. (The Lakes of Coma, ISBN 0-9726301-4-7, 68 pp., perfect-bound, 5.25" x 8", publication date February 2003)

In other news, the new collection (entitled Ancestor Worship) is scheduled to appear from Salmon Poetry in September. I will also have some poems in the forthcoming Salmon Anthology, due out October. And I hope shortly to be able to relay some more information about the festschrift for the poet James Liddy which I edited. It is called Honeysuckle, Honeyjuice: A Tribute to James Liddy, and is published by the Irish press Arlen House. It was just recently launched at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and at the American Conference for Irish Studies at the University of Missouri-St. Louis.

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pat jourdan said...

a well-designed site, pleasure to see. Intriguing to have a visual record of writing and to see recent pasts already becoming history.