Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Encyclopedia Destructica

Thought I would let everybody know that the new issue of Encyclopedia Destructica is now out. It’s the first number of its second volume (“Bumba”), guest-edited by John Thomas Menesini, and comes out of the city of Pittsburgh. I am interviewed in it, and have two poems included as well. This is a really good magazine – it’s hand-assembled and bound, with the title sewn right onto the cover – which makes for an interesting little objet d’art in itself, aside from the contributors it comprises. (The others are Che Elias, Spat Cannon, Tait Johnson, Nikki Allen, Selena Orkwis, and Joseph L. Flatley with an essay on Superman as cultural trope. Menesini’s introduction is in the form of a confessional poem. The visual artwork is by Ben Hernstrom and Joana Ricou. All great stuff.)

Encyclopedia Destructica is well worth acquiring, and I don’t say that just because I am in it. I’ve been digging it ever since my contributor copy arrived this past week. Although I don’t think their website has yet been updated to reflect the new issue, at least as of this writing, check it out anyway here (it’s actually a cool site regardless, and will probably be updated any day now, and gives contact/ordering info). Part of the mission is “to raise awareness of the Pittsburgh contemporary art culture,” and this publication is a glimpse of what’s going on in Warhol’s home town, the Iron City. Encyclopedia Destructica is also one of the coolest titles ever. (Click on the photo for larger than life detail!)

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