Monday, May 01, 2006

David Stone

David Stone sends his latest book, The Lighthouse Poems, 1997-2001 (Publish America, 2004, ISBN 1-4137-2447-7). This volume collects some of his recent work that has previously appeared in chapbook form from CC. Marimbo, New Hope International, Experimental Forest, and other small presses; as well as including individual poems that have been published in various literary magazines (The Burning Bush among others). I have been a fan of Stone’s for a while now, and have reviewed him in depth in TBB (this unfortunately not available online). So without going into too much detail here, the book really drives home his major themes: the blackbird personage (“The crows approved the medicinal flavor/of the morphine...” “The Scarecrow”), the sea-port (“The water is a grey plastic sheet,/Tugging backwards,/Some said apocalyptically...” “The Harbor”), and the horror of modern life (“The freight train tripped/in undercity tunnel,/splashing acid, wrecking towers...” “The Sea Wall”). Stone is definitely not easy to read, yet he should be read! His poetry draws on such disparate influences as Baudelaire, Guillaume Apollinaire, Surrealism, the Egyptian Book of the Dead, the pre-Socratics, Nietzsche, Jewish tradition, the Holocaust, postmodernism, and the list could go on. This is 21st c. eschatology in the form of experimental poetry. The Lighthouse Poems can be obtained from Amazon or the publisher website.

Stone also produces the Blackbird anthology of poetry and collage/xerox/mail art, and issue 7 is great. Crazy, bizarre, challenging poems from all over the world, and interesting original artworks in one of the more under-rated mediums, the photocopy machine – most of it with a blackbird/crow theme. No price or ordering information supplied, but maybe you’ll stumble on a copy somehow.

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