Friday, April 06, 2007

Burdock 2

After a long postal odyssey, the new issue of the Milwaukee-based literary magazine Burdock finally arrived. Edited by Keith Gaustad, Burdock 2 is a good mix of poets, and also includes one prose piece by Jim Hazard. Lots of great poems here. James Liddy with a couple of shortish pieces – “Which was the real President / James Brown or Gerald Ford…?” Jim Chapson’s “The Joke” argues, tongue in cheek we think, for demons as the cause of mental illness. On a slightly related note, one of Burdock’s “burrs” (some of the poems are printed on sticker paper) is from Tim Miller, entitled “Do You Know Autism.” As Miller himself has suggested, you can use these stickers to cover up crap poems in existing anthologies. Not a bad idea at all. Good poems from Susan Firer and Sarah Fox (the latter has a piece about Salvia divinorum! – “Her blood is minty and erotic…”). (Editor Gaustad writes, “There’re women in this issue so one could say things are progressing.”) My vote for best poem title: Fr. Ronald Crewe’s “Chew Any Good Carpets Lately?” Eric Adams’ “Coolgreany Hangover” reminds me of July 2002. Cool cover (not shown) by Kyle Fitzpatrick.

Let’s hope this journal keeps going, because it’s already developing into something great, and should continue to do so. As before, send something at least for postage, say a buck or two, to Keith Gaustad, 1515 E. Kane Pl. #39, Milwaukee, WI, 53202, USA. Submissions taken at the same address (with an SASE), or inquire at


Dave said...

That's the danger of indy literary magazines -- the danger of not being able to continue or publish. Aren't there foundations or people out there who give money in support of these mags?

Liammac said...

College publications usually have patrons.The problem , I think , is film has been elevated to the point where there is little interest in writers.And a lit magazine is essentially for developing writers.The Burning Bush gave many of us a chance to share our work --internationally.

Keith said...

Wow, Thanks a lot Mike for the post. Additionally there's a really good Hazard piece at the Mississippi Review about killing chickens.
I had to laugh when I saw that my name actually had a link to it, can you tell that all those poems were written before I came to Milwaukee and met the three Jims: Liddy, Chapson, and Hazard?