Saturday, May 05, 2007

Another review of the Liddy Tribute

Another review of Honeysuckle, Honeyjuice: A Tribute to James Liddy has appeared, in An Sionnach 3.1 (Spring 2007). An Sionnach is the journal of Irish Studies published by Creighton University Press. The piece, by Eric Adams, is not only a good overview of the collection, but provides an interesting description of the book launch which took place at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee campus last year: “There was an energetic silence in the hall—an anticipation of performance. Liddy’s reputation in Milwaukee as a center of gravity which draws in characters from all directions is not dissimilar to the spirit of his poetry.” I think this is also the only review so far to note that the book contains not only the numerous overwhelming praises of Liddy, but also a couple of “attacks” (Thomas McGonigle, Myles na Gopaleen) – both of which are included, as Adams points out, in “celebration of mischief.” A lively piece from a great journal.

(The above photo is the front cover of Arena 3, Summer 1964, edited by Michael Hartnett, James Liddy and Liam O'Connor, who are pictured in that order.)


Anonymous said...

A great post ,Mike. I plan on ordering the Begnal edited tribute to Liddy.Another great book published by Syracuse University Press , Dante , Eros , and Kabbalah , Mark Jay Mirsky , is one of my favorite monographs of recent years. Liam MacSheoinin

Anonymous said...

I like that how that review seemed to cover the reading as well as go in depth on some of the contributors. There was a playwright, whose name escapes me right now, who read something just before Liddy read...Anyways my friend Gabe filmed some or all of it and has included bits of it in his first documentary - which he hasn't found an outlet for yet. Oh Lah -