Thursday, February 18, 2016

New Chapbook, Coming This May

The Muddy Banks cover (art by John Menesini)
My new chapbook, The Muddy Banks, will be published this May by Ghost City Press. Though it is not yet out, it does already have a page on the site of the press:

Here is a description:

The Muddy Banks is a series of interconnected poems engaging the city of Pittsburgh as a postindustrial landscape, simultaneously having one foot in its rather strange and unique past and the other in a contemporary space, both physical and psychic, where gentrification and decay coexist. Taking a cue from the now-obscure modernist-era poet Haniel Long’s Pittsburgh Memoranda, The Muddy Banks mixes forms and modes. It is at once regionalist and continental, micro and macro, lyric and narrative, documentary and dada, living inscape and necropastoral — an homage to a city’s ghosts, who haunt hotel rooms, empty flats, bridges, banks, riverbanks, stadiums, and straggly streets.

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